Plank Exercise To Get Rid Of Muffin Tops

Hipsters are great but when you’ve got a muffin top going on around your waistline, the jeans don’t seem so great anymore. They become uncomfortable to wear especially when you’re sitting down. If you want to look fabulous in a pair of jeans, you must seriously consider doing exercise.

Plank exercises are great for the abs and obliques

Plank exercises are great for the abs and obliques

Muffin top is the term used for a person’s midsection flabs. They are called such because the bulge on your belly leading round to your back flips over the waistline or hipline of your jeans resembling the top part of a muffin.

So, how do we get rid of muffin tops? Crunches are out. Crunch workouts are now considered potentially risky especially when your posture and movement is not accurate. If you’re trying to get rid of the fat in your midsection, planks would be the way to go.

What are planks?

Planks are endurance training workouts. They are good for shaping, firming and toning the abs and the obliques.

To do a basic plank, prop yourself up on floor with your elbows; resting on the toes of your feet, straighten your knees to form a line from your back all the way to your feet.

A side plank is actually a yoga pose. You roll to one side, propping yourself up on one elbow and reaching up with the other arm; straighten your knees to create a line on the side of your body, from your upper body leading to your feet.

You can do the plank exercises from 15 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your fitness capability. This will also develop your core strength as the muscles in the stomach contract while you keep the planks on stationary.

Here’s a video demonstration of the basic plank exercise:

The benefits of plank exercises go more than just shaping your stomach. Plankexercises develop the core muscles which result to burning more calories. They also develop good posture, core stability, flexibility and builds your lower back.

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