Shun The Gym, Bondi Bootcamps are Much More Effective!

All of us are perennially worried about weight gain and dwindling fitness levels, both of which can be attributed to the sedentary lifestyles most of us have. 

If you are looking to hit the gym, Bondi gyms may not be able to provide real quick results. 

boot camp bondiIf you are actually looking at getting there fast and furious, joining a Bondi Beach boot camp program would be the best idea.

The primary reason for choosing a bootcamp program is that they’re truly more effective and efficient when compared to a Bondi Beach gym.

Gym exercises are largely dependant on equipment, therefore a lot of focus is naturally devoted towards mastering the usage of the equipment which acts as the medium of exercise. 

A bootcamp program uses minimal equipment, the entire attention is devoted to your body and the ways of using it effectively for enhanced results. 

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You get a better opportunity to improve your stamina and endurance compared to a Bondi gym, Bondi Beach bootcamps are also preferred because the program is increasingly unpredictable in nature. 

The instructors of a boot camp program never follow a set pattern and offer the most unusual combination of exercises to pursue, which keep you on your toes. They never allow you to settle down with your workouts and almost always keep you on the edge.

These regimes force you to challenge yourselves and hence prove more effective for weight loss and improving your fitness. 

Alternatively, if you opt for a gym, Bondi personal trainers would suggest equipment based exercises which might not prove to be all that challenging after a few days of practice. 

As you progress, you increasingly get comfortable with the equipment and using them effectively no longer remains a challenge. Therefore, using them does not effectively burn as many calories as you were burning when you started off. 

Also gym exercises tend to become routine and boring some time down the line. You know which set of workouts would precede or follow, making the sequence increasingly predictable. 

To add to these, when you opt for a gym, Bondi Beach health clubs offer you a controlled atmosphere for exercising…. There are no challenges to conquer, apart from increasing the intensity of the same old exercises suggested by your personal trainer. 

Bootcamp programs on the other hand, thrive on challenges. 

The format is far more interesting and the natural settings help in churning out several intimidating challenges, you would be looking forward to excel in. 

You must therefore join a bootcamp for the best results, if you would like a $1 two week trial to test drive the program – click the banner below…

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