On Fitness Social Network Sites

Misuse of Fitness Social Network Sites Can Be Risky

More fitness enthusiasts are more than just interested in the workouts that they do and the results of their efforts. Their interests broaden towards wanting to know the latest gadgets and equipment, get the latest updates on the kind of fitness activity that they’re into like marathons, triathlons, runs and cycling events; they want to hear news about fellow fitness buffs and they also want an avenue to talk about their training and achievements.

Lucky for them, fitness apps are not the only thing that has come out on the internet. Social network sites specifically focused on fitness and health have also come out. The good part is that many of them are free.

Fitness Social Network Sites Are Great If The Person Uses The Tool Properly

Fitness Social Network Sites Are Great If The Person Uses The Tool Properly

Here are 3 of the Top Free Fitness Social Network Sites:

1. Myfitnesspal

Myfitness pal is primarily a calorie counter site. It helps you keep a diary of the foods you eat everyday and tracks the calorie content of your meals. With it, you can easily adjust your diet as needed.

Myfitnesspal comes with a members forum wherein members can discuss their concerns, discoveries, achievements, ask questions on weight loss and diet or seek support from fellow fitness buffs.

 2. Bodyspace

Bodyspace is a free online personal trainer, nutritionist and supplement expert.

Bodyspace has an application program that allows you to input some details such as your fitness goal, the number of days that you want to achieve your fitness goal and your fitness level then provides suggestions of workout sets that you can do to achieve your fitness goal. Bodyspace is affiliated to bodybuilding.com.

Bodyspace has a forums page where members can talk topics that vary from nutrition to weight loss; from personal trainers to personal training. You can even post your own fitness articles. There’s always something to encourage, motivate and educate anybody who wants to get into the fitness wagon.

 3. Dailymile

Dailymile is an online support for runners, cyclists and swimmers and anyone who’s into weight watching. It’s like the facebook for weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts where members can post their miles or workouts for the day and receive comments and encouragement from fellow fitness buffs.

As it is with any online application programs, fitness social network sites have their downside. First of the list is that the numbers are not perfectly accurate.

With myfitnesspal, you’ll have to know the nutritional content of your food as there are too many suggested calorie content that will appear, you may get misled and have a mis-estimation of your count.

As far as bodyspace is concerned, going about workouts, especially weight lifting, is not safe without a live personal trainer. Even though an online personal trainer has its benefits, it does not outweigh having someone who’s really in-tune to your fitness progress to supervise your workouts.

One of the negative things said of fitness social network sites is that it encourages unhealthy competition among members of these social sites wherein they try to outdo each other’s achievements. While this may seem harmless, it may push others into putting themselves at risk.

Here’s an article on Brisbane Times:

Fitness network sites are meant for motivation but people need to watch out for themselves and see to it that they don’t misuse these tools and application programs made available for them.

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