Extreme Fitness And Exercise Bring Out The Kid In Us

Do you remember the kind of fearlessness you had when you were a kid? Exercise was a huge part of our lives and we didn’t even think about it; we were just having so much fun balancing ourselves on concrete walls, dangling on tree branches with our legs holding us up, darting in and out of holes and chasing some small. furry animal back into his burrow. We were invincible.

When we grow older, we shift our lives to accommodate what we would refer to as grown up priorities. With technology constantly evolving and introducing us to gadgets, exercise had turned to be an appointment at the gym and our physical activities are replaced by androids, internet games and social networking sites.

When we were kids, exercise was a huge part of our lives and we didn't even think about it

When we were kids, exercise was a huge part of our lives and we didn’t even think about it

Because of the major downsizing of our physical activities, obesity had crept into our societies and has become one of the biggest health threats in the world.

If you think about it, the situation isn’t all that bad. Because of the health issues that had sprouted in line with obesity, it had re-awakened that desire in us to move and get into some action. As an article in news.com.au states, it’s a primal desire; the primal desire in us that had been brought out by the reintroduction to physical activeness. We’re beginning to comprehend real-time exercise.

Extreme sports had expounded from what we commonly know like surfing, rock climbing and bungee jumping. Extreme obstacle fitness challenges such as the Tough Mudder series and the Spartan race are taking over the fitness arena and according to the same article, it’s because it releases the children in us that we are drawn to the thrill of having to go through the extreme challenges

Here’s what it says in news.com.au:

Exercise Like Kids

We’ve actually come full circle. Boot camps and other outdoor exercises are in; and so are extreme fitness challenges. Gym memberships seem to only have been one long-lived trend meant for people with limitations with the outdoors. The demands of both our corporate and family lives bring us to seek for the highs of our childhood that we can only collect from extreme fitness challenges.

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